Easter Vigil and First Mass of Easter Celebration 4/23/11

The Community of Saint Augustine’s remembers Christ’s resurrection from the dead by celebrating the Service of New Light, remembering the History of the Church, Renewing Baptismal Vows, and participating in the first Holy Eucharist of Easter.

Acolytes and clergy gather to prepare and practice for tonight’s service which begins out on the patio of the church.

The patio is prepared for a sunset service as members of our community arrive to celebrate the Service of New Light, as the fire is lit and the new Paschal Candle is blessed and lit for the first time. Candles are lit, the Exultet is sung by Fr. Moquin, and lessons from the Old Testament are read followed by hymns.

The Community then follows the acolytes into the church to participate in the first Mass of Easter, celebrating Christ’s resurrection.

After the service, members gather for treats and conversation.

*Photos courtesy of Craig Groschup